Sunday, November 3, 2013

Finished: 'Innocence' by Dean Koontz

In Dean Koontz's new book "Innocence," I was humbled.

Not by the fact that this guy seems to write more books in a year than I will in a lifetime; or that he is ten times the writer I will ever be; or even that his imagination is light years beyond mine. What got me is that I was pretty sure I had the ending figured out. I knew what tricky twist he would have at the end. I have a knack for that sort of thing, ya know, or so I thought. Again, he of the 100 mile per hour fastball threw me a 75 mile per hour looping curve and I swung and missed and even twirled in place and swung and missed again. He got me. Big time.

This book, that comes out on Dec. 10, but which I nabbed an Advance Reader's Copy, was the usual good Koontz stuff. I had a little higher hopes, given the rave reviews, that it was going to be something entirely knew from him, like perhaps he'd invented a whole new way to write. But, no, it was typical Koontz, and that was good.

There's still the good versus evil, the supernatural, the dogs, the children, the really bad people and the really good ones - all the things he seems to masterfully incorporate. This wasn't an Odd Thomas novel, but I thought it easily could have been one.

All in all, I'll remember it as the one that fooled me with the ending. Again, Koontz proved that I'm not as good, even at that, as I thought I was.

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