Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Link-Oh-Rama feat: Jeter & herpes

Bucket list complete: Always wanted to write a headline featuring Derek Jeter and STDs. Details below ...

** Stephen King reveals what he is most afraid of (and it’s not ending a sentence with a preposition). Also, TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau goes to jail for diet-book lies that claimed people could eat anything, not exercise and not gain weight. (People who believed that should go to jail too, for being stupid.)

** Day of War. Remember it and the entire Lion of War series. Gonna be huge. Friend of mine is running the show over there in Hawaii.
From their Facebook page:
Thrilled to say that Day of War is also #1 on Barnes and Noble and Amazon in its category. 
Cliff Graham donates a large percentage of every sale to families who are adopting special needs orphans, sex trafficking victims, and all sorts of other organizations who conduct "good battle," and he will do so as long as he lives. 
** So now Derek Jeter of the New York Stinkin’ Yankees wants to be a book publisher.
The publishing imprint will include nonfiction books for adults, like biographies and titles on business and lifestyle; children’s picture books; middle-grade fiction; and books for children who are learning to read.
** Bookstores still battling the e-book craze.
What to us may appear to be a straightforward effort by to acquire more e-book customers on the cheap looks to retailers like some darker, more ambitious effort to crush them. 
“On top of that, why would we do business with the company that is trying to put us out of business?”
 ** An argument for e-books, I guess: Herpes Virus Found on Library Copies of 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

 ** I used to raise homing pigeons as a kid and have thought about getting back into it. But right now I have enough hobbies to keep me busy. So I empathize with this guy’s loss of The Godfather and others.
 The son of Rambo, also known as "the Godfather," is the top bird spirited away in a pigeon heist this week in which 45 birds were taken in one swoop from lofts in St. Paul's Como neighborhood. 
The birds were used for pigeon racing and breeding future racers, and their loss isn't chicken feed to pigeon fanciers. Owner John Kaiyalethe said the total value of the lost birds was probably more than $20,000. He said his prize bird, the Godfather, alone was worth more than $10,000.
** If you are one of the 299,999,950 Americans who aren’t following me on Twitter, you should. I say stuff about once a week; insightful/funny stuff about once a year.

** This week’s don’t go away mad, just go away award nominee: I’ve never watched his show, nor do I own one of the credit cards he shills for, but maybe it’s time for him to go away. I’m always amazed at these people who strive for fame, achieve it and the money that goes with it, but then don’t want people to take pictures of them. They want the perks of being famous but not the bother.

** I was thinking of trying this over the weekend, but Jean-Claude Van Damme beat me to it.

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