Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I forgot to update blog - big surprise

A friend gave me Robert B. Parker’s “Bad Business” a while back and I just finished it. I loved the detective, Spenser, and while familiar with Parker I didn’t think I’d read any of his books before. So I was pleased when I saw on the inside back page that “Parker has written over 40 novels.” Cool, plenty to read.

So I filled out my nerdy index card, gave the book a relatively lofty 7-plus rating and went to put it in my distinguished literary storage box (plastic recipe card holder). There, low and behold, was an index card for a Robert Parker novel I read back in 2003, also with a 7-plus rating! I love coincidence like that.

What I don’t love so much is the ol' memory that isn't what it used to be.

While I finish up Dean Koontz's amazing novel Breathless, here are some notes to consider:

** Suddenly, I don’t feel so bad … My Amazon bestseller made me nothing

** I kind of like this idea of a “bite me” coalition.

** A little creepy, a little funny, but mostly funny: Oakland University student booted over ‘Hot for Teacher’ essay is now suing.

** Tell me something I don't know. And now trending on Amazon: I Would Die 4U: Why Prince Became an Icon

Which reminds me of one of my favorite trivia questions you can use to stump your friends:

In 1984, Tipper Gore heard her 12-year-old daughter listening to a song that prompted her to found the Parents Music Resource Center advocating warning labels on records unsuitable for minors.

In 2006, that same singer performed a song for the hit animated penguin film “Happy Feet.”

Name the two songs and the singer.

Drum roll please ...

“Darling Nikki” and “The Song of the Heart” – by Prince