Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dad's JFK collection, conspiracy

About a week ago I started collecting links to stories about the JFK assassination, but I'm already burned out on the subject, days before the 50th anniversary of his death. It's all JFK all the time, so if you can't find your own stories, you aren't looking very hard.

But I did want to post this picture of some of the JFK books of my dad's. It's amazing how much of an impact the assassination had on Dad and that generation. Of all the tons of books he read, the one constant subject intermingled was JFK.

Dad graduated from Augustana in 1962 and the assassination happened in 1963, so he basically devoted his adult life to researching and reading about the topic. He even had two copies of the Warren Commission report. There are several first editions and books from famous authors, as well as the obscure, but all with the common theme of JFK and "who dunnit?"

I wish I had talked to him more about it, to get his theory. But if I remember correctly, he was in the mafia camp, believing that the mafia was behind Oswald. Apparently they were mad that Joe Kennedy hadn't followed through on promises made to them in exchange for their help getting JFK elected; and Bobby as AG was cracking down on them. Dad didn't believe the Russians were involved because they were too smart to hire Oswald with all his connections pointing back at them.

The fun part about going through these books of his is that they cemented my decision not to enter the Kindle era yet. As I peruse the books, newspaper articles fall out of the pages, postcards are tucked inside, and notations and highlights are intermingled. Try sticking a postcard in a Kindle, then passing the book along to your son 50 years later. It won't work.

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