Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hump day link-o-rama

*** I've written before of my respect for former Argus Leader sportswriter John Egan and how honored I was to work with him and to call him a friend. The Argus has a story about his book, Drop Him Till He Dies.
Imagine growing up believing your father had murdered your mother and had been executed for the crime.

Or that your grandfather had murdered your grandmother and was hanged for it but knowing little else.

Or knowing nothing about it at all.

That was the situation John Egan found himself in 30 years ago when an Argus Leader co-worker writing a story about capital punishment nonchalantly asked, "How come you never said anything to me about Thomas Egan?"

"Who's that?" Egan replied.

*** Bill Keller, executive editor of the NY Times, laments how most of his staff is out writing books instead of doing their jobs. One of his funnier columns.

*** And finally, a good ol' small-town newspaper, the Freeman Courier, has a nice story about a good ol' small-town church celebrating its 125th anniversity.
The people of Salem Mennonite Brethren come together to celebrate 125 years with appreciation, reverence, pride and a renewed call to make 'little things become large.'

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