Friday, July 1, 2011

Interesting stuff, literally

Last year Ledbury poetry festival asked poets to name their most hated words. For this year's festival – running from 1 to 10 July – they've asked for the expressions that have become such cliches that they have lost all meaning. Here are their responses.

Veto Von Botherland, was born in Germany, he understands German, responds to German and enjoys German Schutzhund Sport. So what is so special about Veto Von Botherland? Veto is the first German Shepard canine with a position on the Black Hills National Forest. Check it out.

Denver's Tattered Cover Book Store has been a focal point for the city's literary community since 1974. Owner Joyce Meskis explains the challenges of operating an independent bookstore in an ever-changing climate, and the future she sees for the nation's independent booksellers. NPR has the story.

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