Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Some quid pro quotes, notes and stuff I found interesting:

*** CBD Interest Among Americans Surpasses Nearly All Other Health Products: ‘This Generation’s Snake Oil’ 

 “At this time there are no known benefits for taking CBD over-the-counter,” explains Dr. Davey Smith, Chief of Infectious Diseases and Global Public Health at UC San Diego. “CBD is this generation’s snake oil, where millions are engaging with the product without evidence of any benefit.”
In fact, in some cases CBD may actually prove harmful. Dr. Leas cited a few already documented cases in which CBD products contained potential poisons due to these products not being regulated by any federal entity.
*** Ignore the Lazy Pessimists, Shopping Malls Are Far From Dead
Irony of ironies, one of the few public business figures who openly expresses his belief that bricks & mortar retailing has a brilliant future is the man largely credited with destroying this allegedly “old economy” way of catering to acquisitive customers. Happily Bezos isn’t the only believer.
*** This is interesting: The tragic story of Guggenheim architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s secret love nest
Today, we remember Frank Lloyd Wright as the greatest of American architects, a visionary who designed landmark buildings such as the Guggenheim Museum on Fifth Avenue. In the early 20th century, though, Wright was one of America’s most scandalous celebrities — and it began with his relationship with Mamah, the first of several affairs that would play out in newspaper headlines across the country.
*** Prince book #1

*** An interview with the author: Prince Wanted To 'Break The Mold Of The Memoir,' Says His Co-Writer
He, until the end, as with you and I, never really fully understood himself. And I think if you can reproduce that sense of mystery that you feel about your own self in performance or in your music there's such a gravity in that. And it really attracts people, because they want to know more without even knowing why or without knowing what might be hidden. So I think he was very astute at understanding the iceberg of the self, and knowing what should be submerged and what should be above water.

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