Sunday, August 25, 2019

A couple things that caught my eye last week ...

*** For all those disaffected journalists laid off by their corporations, consider buying a weekly newspaper. Seriously. It's a good way to write, report what you want, and make some bank. Been there, done that, loved it. In a buyer's market for weeklies, where are the buyers?
You might have chuckled at the “buyer’s market” line, since all the bad news about metropolitan newspapers may lead you to think that a newspaper is no longer a good investment. That’s not true of most community newspapers, because they are the sole, reliable source of news about their communities, and most of them “are doing fine financially,” says Kevin Slimp, the leading consultant to community papers.
*** This is an exhaustingly long piece by Andrew Sullivan, but very interesting and insightful.

*** Wifey and I just finished Season 2 of "GLOW" on Netflix. It just keeps getting better.

So the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW), since they’re on a local cable show, are required by contract to produce a Public Service Announcement to play during their show. I thought this one was hilarious.

“Don’t Kidnap” 

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