Monday, July 22, 2019

Catching up on the books

Getting around to a couple past-due quick book reviews.

Most recently finished John Sandford's "Escape Clause." It was standard Sandford stuff, meaning clever, funny, a little sexy and with a good twist at the end (which I humbly admit to predicting).

It's the ninth book in the Virgil Flowers series. Two rare tigers are stolen from the Minnesota zoo and Flowers delves into the underground market for exotic animal parts.

A couple quotes jumped out at me:

"She scuttled off down the sidewalk to a blue Prius and stared at him through the windshield with the electric ferocity only a Prius owner could summon."

And this quote from Davenport to Virgil; "She was goofier than a Packers fan who's lost his cheese."

Goodreaders give it a 4.2 of 5. I'm a little lower with a 6+ out of 10.

Previously I knocked off a couple from the usual suspects, Stephen Hunter and Craig Johnson.

Hunter's "Master Sniper" was another hard-core gun book.I'm not hard-core, but enjoy his stories. I gave it a 6.

Johnson's "Another Man's Moccasins" is from his Longmire series. I gave it a 6+.

One I've been fiddling with in between is a book of short stories by Ian McEwan titled "In Between the Sheets." I shouldn't have been surprised by the contents of the book given the title, but I was. It's pretty much erotica. It surprised me because McEwan has written a couple of my favorite novels, "Atonement" and "Amsterdam." Both were pretty serious. The short stories so far have been weird, somewhat pervy, but I'll probably keep chugging along because he's such a good writer.

The next novel I'm starting tonight is one I've really been looking forward to: "The Chain" by Adrian McKinty. Let's hope it lives up to my expectations. I need a knockout.

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