Friday, June 10, 2016

Hot stuff

Notes, quotes and stuff:

*** Nick Lowrey at the Pierre newspaper has an interesting story, The human monster: How a suspected serial killer was arrested in Stanley County.
 Kunnecke evidently didn’t believe in paying ranch hands. He could just as easily, and far more cheaply, bury them on the rolling plains of western South Dakota.
*** James Patterson says he’ll “disrupt” reading by writing shorter books. Good to see Patterson getting on the Haugen Express.

*** Thought this was a pretty funny line from Jonah Goldberg in his weekly email, regarding Hillary Clinton and breaking the glass ceiling: 
"Oh sure, she’s a woman in the biological sense, which is kind of ironic given that her becoming the presumptive nominee comes at the precise moment we’re being told that biological sexual categories are just another way for the evil patriarchs of the Pale Penis People to keep everyone down. Maybe Donald Trump should declare he’ll be the first woman president, too?"
 *** And then there's the crime fighting English professor who helped bring down the Unabomber. Go English majors!

*** Here’s an interesting look back at the Rapid City flood of 1972 that killed 238 people and some speculation of whether it could happen again. Spoiler: It could.

*** I don't subscribe to Tidal, but if you do you're a lucky funky dude.

*** While watching the Muhammad Ali funeral I thought of the irony. Seems many of the same people who revere Ali’s decisions of religious conscience, are often most hateful of decisions others make based on their conscience. Little Sisters of the Poor, anyone? 

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