Friday, January 9, 2015

Link Oh-rockin' Rama

So, sources say (albeit it a blonde one) that this band coming to the Black Hills Stock Show is supposed to be the hottest thing to come out of Texas since Sandra Bullock.

The Casey Donahew Band will be performing Feb. 6. Here's their song "White Trash Story." Be there, if for no other reason than lots of cowgirls will be.

Here's Double Wide Dream.

*** Speaking of good singers, I like Lucinda Williams. Here's a good story about the influence her poet-father had on her. He passed away Jan. 1.
Throughout her childhood, the elder Williams often hosted after-parties for writing workshops, prompting Lucinda to entertain the guests. 
“People say rock ‘n’ rollers are wild, but those poets could drink anyone under the table,” Lucinda says with a laugh. “Partway through most of those nights, Dad would say ‘Honey, why don’t you go get your guitar?’ I would start playing in the living room, and Dad’s friends would tell me I had soul and that I should hang in there. My writing wasn’t there, and my voice hadn’t developed yet. But I got encouragement from some pretty cool people.”
*** One of my favorite authors David Baldacci opines in the NY Times about conspiracy theories.

*** Escaping the Recession by Boat:
When the Great Recession hit, young people found a million different ways to cope with their battered job prospects. Alex and Nick Kleeman found the best way, scraping together enough cash to buy a 32-foot sailboat, then plunging into the Pacific for the adventure of their lives. So what if they didn’t know how to sail?
*** I guess if you have to be known for something it might as well be this: Meet Vinnie Myers, known as the “Michelangelo of Nipple Tattoos.” It's actually a serious, interesting story despite the portion I chose to highlight.

*** I've written about the Italian justice system before. Here's the murder case that country is currently obsessing over (never end a sentence with a preposition).

*** Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

*** Not all records are ones to be proud of (never end a sentence with a preposition).

*** Science says mom's right: Bundle up to avoid a cold.

*** Speaking of science, how about some climate change history.

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