Saturday, January 11, 2014

Friday's late Link-Oh-Rama

Sorry for the late link-o but I was out watching a war hero movie. Myself, Junior and book review extraordinaire The Rothinator went to the opening of Lone Survivor tonight.

It was good - kept 200 people deathly quite and still for two hours, which isn't easy to do. Kind of early in the year to hit my quota of the year for attending movies, so I might have to pass a continuing resolution that will allow me to attend another if deemed worthy. (The Noah trailer looked good.)

If you ever get the chance, like now, check out Mark Wahlberg's wiki page. He's done some stuff.

** Here are 19 quirky conundrums only book lovers understand.

** This is cool. The World's Most Dangerous Trail on Mt. Huashan Leads to a Teahouse.

** This is a darn fine idea. SI photograph's Kate Upton in zero-gravity. Genius.

** Good news, Spring Training Spring is around the corner. Twins pitchers-catchers report Feb. 17, the rest of the team Feb. 22. Can't come soon enough. Find your fave team dates here.

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