Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday's Link-Oh-Frozen-Rama

It’s so cold out, I had to chip the dog off the fire hydrant. With that done, here’s some noteyness:

** This is oddly fascinating. If you read one story this week make it this one. Brains and Brawn: Inside the Mysterious Art of ChessBoxing.

After one fight, Jan Schulz, the chess referee, told me he is always amazed to see how the athletes are able to follow the logic of the game under such duress. “Even one blow to the head is enough to completely disorient you,” he said. “Imagine what a whole round of boxing could do to you.”
** I know a lot of people love The Boss, but I’ve never been a big fan. Apparently somebody is: Springsteen manuscript sells for $197,000.

** I find Rand Paul very interesting. He’s the Mounds candy bar of politicians. Some coconut flakiness, enough nuttiness to make him dangerous in a good way, and enough sweet chocolate to make him likable. The National Interest has a pretty good profile on him.

** One last JFK story: Bill Janklow and Oswald – it’s a small world.

** From Reason: How Poker Became a Crime. The capricious federal crackdown on the Internet version of an all-American game.

** How man’s best friend thinks. And from the same science site, don’t fall for this cunning crocodile trick.

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