Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ace reviews The Monster of Florence

Ace of Spades has a review of a book he’s halfway through (funny to review a book before done, but Ace is a funny guy). Since I’m a fan of murder-mystery-psychopathic-serial-killer fiction and non-fiction, I’m thinking I may have to pick it up: The Monster of Florence.
And then there's the weird subcultures. Here's an example: When I first started reading I wondered, "How the heck can he find so many people (he killed 14, seven different couples) having sex in cars?" Well, there's an answer to that. In Florence, children -- adult children, I mean -- continue living with their parents until they're married. And they marry late. So there is a long period, say from age 17 to 27, when adults have no place of their own, and no sexual privacy, but are still, as you'd imagine, having sex. So it's a widespread tradition that dates -- even among engaged persons -- will end parking on country roads and having sex.

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