Friday, April 26, 2013

Longmire author to be in Custer

Next Saturday I’ll be tossing my younger daughter’s dorm junk into my old Dodge pickup and heading back west with SDSU in my rear-view mirror and hoping to make the 5 p.m. appearance of Craig Johnson at the Custer Library.

Johnson is the author of the Longmire series of books, now made into a television series on A&E. Honestly, I haven’t read any of his books, but I intend to. I have, however, watched the television shows and enjoyed them.

People who know that kind of stuff tell me the shows are good, yes, but the books are even better. So I hope to have an opinion on that soon.

And I think it’s cool he’s going to be in Custer. He probably heard about my book-signing in Sturgis and had to be a one-upper. Having his own television series wasn’t enough. Next thing you know he’ll have his own website with his own name as the web address. Yep, nailed it.

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