Sunday, December 15, 2019

BOOM! My new book, Mustang Lang, is now available

My newest novel "Mustang Lang" is now available at Amazon in paperback or ebook form - pick your poison.

In a nutshell, Mustang has a PhD in French, but lives in a guest house on his parents' ranch near Belle Fourche where he was raised. He's not much of a rancher though, only helps his dad when needed. His fulltime job and passion is as a private detective, where he picks up most of his work from his longtime girlfriend, who is a local defense attorney.

One day he is approached by the purveyor of a call-girl operation. Ruby wants him to track down her high-end call-girl, Sara Kay, who has gone missing. A day later, an obnoxious cattle baron from Texas approaches Mustang to find a girl as well. Turns out it is Sara Kay, too. So Mustang double-dips on them and begins the search.

Once he finds her (spoiler alert) he begins to doubt the motives of those looking to find her and assists Sara Kay in keeping her hidden.

Sara Kay is a major player in the book and details how she got into the profession and the series of events that led to her being a wanted woman.

In the book, stuff happens. Hookers will hook, detectives will detect, as both find themselves in various jams along the way.

One problem I had was choosing the genre. It's not a romance, though both characters have romance and problems with it. It's not a murder mystery, though there is a dead guy who may or may not have been murdered. It's not a smut novel, though there's a couple PG scenes and some language unfit for members of the clergy, unless they're Catholic.

So let's call it an adventure and leave it at that.

I also had trouble deciding on a title. It just as easily could have been called "Sara Kay" as "Mustang Lang," but I like to rhyme, most of the time. It was even called "Murder. Period." for a short time until I decided that didn't really fit, though it's kind of funny as you will see at the end. It was also "Love Travels" for a brief period, of which you'll see why at the end too. "Mustang Lang" seemed to be the most all-encompassing without giving an incorrect allusion to it being some kind of book it's not.

So it's "Mustang Lang." It's not an opus. You should be able to knock it out in three or four days.

It's also very reasonably priced. Remember, Kindle Unlimited subscribers get the ebook version for free. It doesn't get much better than that unless I paid you to read it, but I haven't gotten that desperate yet.

If you like it, please leave a review at Amazon, as they tell me people really rely on those things. If you don't like it, don't bother.

Thanks again for supporting your independent authors (even if they've sold out to Amazon).

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