Monday, November 4, 2019

The Goose Egg - interesting but has cracks

Nate Silver at is proposing a new statistics for baseball. The Save ruined relief pitching. The Goose Egg can fix it.

I don't know that I agree with this new stat, but I do agree that closers are often used incorrectly. Rather than have Taylor Rogers pitch the 9th inning with a three-run lead, I'd rather have seen him in the sixth inning after the starting pitcher faded and left the bases loaded with one out.

That's when the game is won or lost. That's when you need to bring the smoke. That's when you need your best pitcher. Use somebody else later.

Like Stinkin' Yankee Goose Gossage says:
“I would like to see these guys come into more jams, into tighter situations and finish the game. … In the seventh, eighth or ninth innings. I don’t think they’re utilizing these guys to the maximum efficiency and benefit to your ballclub,” Gossage said. “This is not a knock against Mo [Rivera],” he continued later.1 “[But] I’d like to know how many of Mo’s saves are of one inning with a three-run lead. If everybody in that [bleep]ing bullpen can’t save a three-run lead for one inning, they shouldn’t even be in the big leagues.”

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