Thursday, February 2, 2017

The only January I like is Jones

As far as I'm concerned it's always good to have January in the rear-view mirror.

Been wondering this past month, is there a point at which these protests kind of lose their "oompf?" The boy who cried wolf type of thing? Can everything be so bad? Is everybody who disagrees with anyone Hitler, or a fascist or a communist or a sexist, racist, homophobe cat-lover? Can't anyone just be a goof or an idiot anymore or maybe just make a mistake without being the devil personified?

I tell anyone who will listen: If your daily happiness is dependent on who is president of the United States, you've got bigger problems. Sure, it's good to be politically aware and engaged, but losing your minds over it? Grow up. My happiness is generally determined by events and people within a five-mile radius of me.

But as a guy who watches politics like I watch a football game, it is fascinating. If I'd known it was going to be this entertaining and Trump was going to cause so many heads to explode, I might've voted for him.

Now if he'd just do something about that damn prairie dog that says six more weeks of winter.

Anyway, link away:

*** Shared this with my daughter, currently student teaching a fifth-grade class. I thought it was pretty cool but know I'd have difficulty, not so much with the handshakes, but remembering which handshake went with which kid.

*** This seems kind of rude, but effective. Creative people say 'No.'

*** Good article at SDPB after a sick killing of a convenience store clerk. Police Chief Karl Jegeris believes there are new levels of crazy because of meth.

*** Tough to find thoughtful pieces now-a-days, especially on anything Trump related. This seemed pretty fair regarding the travel restrictions.

*** Facebook dead, 12, victim of 2016.

*** What I'm reading: Lawrence Block's "In Sunlight or in Shadow." About done. Loving it.

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